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This is no joke. Lose 10 to 30 lbs in 30 days.
New month and great time to make a change. How many of us have said, I need to lose weight? Make changes and become a healthier and happier you.

Let Express Body Curves jump start your weight loss journey. No Gimmicks! Real Results!

3 phase system includes appetite suppressant, metabolism booster and detox colon cleanse. 30 day supply

How do you take the pill: take 1 pill a day before or after breakfast.

How many pounds you may lose: Most people lose 10-30 pounds per Month on average. No diet or exercise required when taking the product.

What the product does: It controls your appetite, speeds up the
metabolism and burns fat at the same time, there is no caffeine in these weight loss products.
30 soft gels inside the bottle.
650 mg each soft gel.

Ingredients: jobstears extract, artemisia dracunculus, bamboo shoot, lotus leaf, acai berry, bitter orange fruit, xianxian cao, dietary fiber, psyllium husk, tuchahoe, aloe, chitosan, garcinia cambogia, green tea, coenzyme Q10, waterplantain rhizo

Dermo Patch - this patch is applied once a day. Wear 12 hours up to 24 hours depending on your body's preference. The active ingredients are designed to keep your metabolism working at all times.
Your body will transform from wearing this amazing patch! These super ingredients combined with other proprietary blends will keep your body burning fat while helping you develop lean muscle!

Detox Colon Cleanse Pills- These pills are an essential part of the 3 Step System. As your body starts to break down the existing fat, toxins start to loosen and can become trapped in your body and will hinder normal body function. The colon cleanse helps with the elimination process which is necessary to keep your body operating optimally.
Natural Colon also includes a special blend of probiotics and enzymes to REPLENISH ANY DEPLETIONS caused by the overuse of other colon cleansers you may have tried in the past.

Express Body Curves-Lose 10 to 30lbs in 30 days. No Gimmicks. Real Results. 3 Phase Super Weight Loss System(botanical gelcap,dermo patch, colon cleanse pills) Men can use also.