All of Our Express Body Curves Cincher's will help get you closer to your Achieving your slim waist goal.   However we cannot tell you which Cincher will suit you best but here are some recommendations below:

Please order the corsets based on measuring around your belly button area. Do not order based on the size you will like to be. Cincher's Are meant to fit really tight if you order a size to small it may cause a lot of discomfort.

Express Body Curves Short Cincher  is the most comfortable shaper offered.  It is recommended for first time corset trainers.  It can be worn while sleeping, working out, and through out the day.  It helps with after birth recovery.

Express Body Curves Long Fit Latex Cincher  is recommended for users that have a long torso and lower belly problems. Itis tighter around the waist. It helps with after birth recovery. It can be worn through out the day and for daring users while sleeping. 

Express Body Curves  WAIST CINCHER CARE 

  • Undergarments can be hand washed or machine washed with warm water. Your Express Body Curves Cincher should be hang/air dried.  Do not put the garment in the dryer. 

  •  As you may be wearing Express Body Curves Cincher everyday and/or frequently, it's a good idea to purchase 2 garments. Having 2 garments will ensure that you will always have a freshly clean garment.